Alexis Estrada

Alexis Estrada is shamelessly biased to designs that flatter every woman, seducing her with styles that allow her to look best day or night. And when it comes to bringing her designs to life, she favors bold prints, colors, and luxurious fabrics.

Taking her inspiration from old movies, the women in her family (yes mom, we mean you), her fabulous girlfriends, the places she’s traveled to, and the outfits she wants to wear to music festivals, on dates, and nights on the town, Alexis Estrada infuses them into boho-inspired, chic and eclectic designs.

Alexis Estrada is for a woman constantly in transition. Her clothes will take any woman from the boardroom to a night out with friends, effortlessly. Mixing a city girl’s energy with a surfer girl’s swag, the result will have any woman feeling sweet and sultry, and ready to conquer their day in style.